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BDL’s Kelly Dwyer’s take on the MIL-GS trade:  When I first heard of this major news, I can’t help but remember Richard Jefferson, too.  Although this looks much better on paper.  With the duo of Bogut and Jennings (including a collection of solid role players), we might be able to see a better Maggette than before.  But this is a high-risk move; for a lot of money, would this be worth it?  For Golden State, they might have gotten the better end of the deal here.  They don’t have a roster to compete for a playoff spot, but with Maggette out, the Warriors can give their young front court more playing time to grow and improve.

San Antonio looking to trade? It’s understandable that the Spurs management will be looking for a roster shakeup after a blowout loss this past offseason to the Suns.  Though we do not know if  it will be a major overhaul or even just a little improvement.  The Spurs are still a good team, but the perimeter-lingering Suns exposed a hole in their defense.  Trading Parker away (instead of Hill) would make more sense from a defensive standpoint; but as the article says, they’d lose a unique offensive skill set in Parker.  Something tells me they should wait for Tiago Splitter’s decision before they decide on another roster move.

An unlikely duo:  Yes!  Yes!  That is my fantasy front court lineup – in Cleveland, of course.  Curry, Jamison, James with O’Neal, Varejao and one SF coming off the bench.  Wow!  I can’t believe that this will have a chance, albeit very little.  Curry is a skilled player, no doubt.  But his attitude problems may be fixed if he is teamed up with James and Shaq.  Make a trade, Christ Grant!  Make sure LeBron stays.  Then get rid of Mo Williams.

World Cup Group Results Scenarios:  The FIFA grouping system is making the World Cup more thrilling!  With only Groups A and B done with the round-robin stage, the other nations vying for a Round of 16 spot out of their respective groups are in for a suspense-filled-last-game.  Check the link for a very helpful read on the possible scenarios.

Wimbledon insights

  • Roger Federer almost lost in his first game.  A historic collapse, it would have been.  But I think it was better that he was tested as early as the first round so he wouldn’t get too comfortable in his favorite surface.  Let’s see how he holds up.
  • The Women’s 2010 French Open finalists (Schiavone and Stosur) both suffered first-round defeats.  Who saw that coming?
  • Steve Blake lost again.  The power-hitting American looks like he should be retiring.  Or he could focus on the Davis Cup, instead.
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